Simple Solution  Powerful Results




Free Program Upgrades:  May be easily downloaded at any time from our website

Instant Reorders: Recall complete specifications of past orders instantly.

Request Quotes from Vendors: Unlimited RFQ capability

Provide Quotes to Customers: Quote pricing at up to three different quantities

Send Acknowledgements to Customers: Decrease the chance of miscommunications

Invoice Customers: Can be done from Intelliform or QuickBooks

Print, E-mail or Fax:  All RFQs, Customer Quotes, Purchase Orders and Acknowledgements

Multi-Line Purchase Orders: Enter as many items to the same manufacturer as you wish.

History Button: One click displays a record of a customer's transaction history.

Multiple Ship To's: Maintain an unlimited number of shipping addresses for any customer.

Follow Up Date Field: Reminds you when a reorder is due.

Special Remarks Section: Add messages to your customers and vendors.

Find Option: Quick retrieval of any record from your Intelliform database.

Balance Due Field: Track receivables by client.

Sort Button: Organize and present information by a variety of criteria.

Reference Number: An easy tracking device to follow the transaction through the billing cycle.  (Can be customized to your own numbering sequence or format.)

Customer and Vendor Database Management: Unlimited capacity.

Customer and Vendor Comment Field: Enter notes and information for both customers and vendors.

File Copy Option: Instantly prints the information in each template to paper.

Sales Rep Commissions: Calculate commissions for any time period.

Aging Reports: Track your collections at the touch of a button.

Monthly Statements: Create monthly statements in seconds

Customer Usage Report: Can be provided to customers as a selling tool.

Sales Reports: By whatever criteria you choose